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Soybean and beef are most closely related products in terms of nutrient composition. Thus, let's introduce the characteristics on these two foods briefly through comparison.

* Beef- It is needless to say that this is a representative favorite and nutrient food regardless of the cultures, eastern or western. Its taste is also special and it is difficult to control the temptation of its unique taste, which leads to obesity and adult disease. Differently from the past, recently such illness as mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease spreads around the whole earth due to serious environmental contamination and harmful feed containing heavy metal and animals' powdered bones. Thus, the critical situation has arrived, in which excessive ingestion by temptation of its taste or for nourishing

replenishment lead to death. If so, what do we have to eat as nutrient? The answer for that question is soybean and soybean food.

* Soybean - Soybean is a perfect food with high vegetable protein and low calories, which excels beef in distribution of nutrient composition. Korea's representative foods, which are made with this soybean(especially, Korean soybeans are the premium corp grown at the optimal natural environment of soil, temperatures of four seasons, humidity and sunlight) as raw material, are soybean paste, soy sauce and red pepper paste. They are scientifically fermented foods, which exist only in Korea. These are essential basic materials for traditional Korean foods and sauces. These are basis foods and materials and we can not prepare any traditional dishes without these.

Therefore, I would like to introduce history and characteristics of soybean paste, soy sauce and red pepper paste. These are the products made based on experienced knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors at the time when they had lived without any scientific knowledge or theory at all. Since then, many years have passed until scientific theory based on fermentation and bio-science is introduced. And, I have no choice but to admire our ancestors' wisdom, which surpasses today's theory.

Production process of soybean paste and soy sauce follows provision of nature. And, soybean paste and soy sauce are the products of nature, which are produced over a long period with the receipt of clean water, unique temperatures of four seasons, and sunlight and daylight of four seasons, and through fermenting and ripening process. They are produced by nature without any use of chemical additives and with our own traditional ripening method. Therefore, taste varies depending upon producer because each person has her/his own recipe. Differently from other general foods, it is impossible to produce standardized soybean paste and soy sauce at big factories. It could be done this way, but, if so, their unique tastes are diluted and you have to accept the circumstance that taste becomes different. ( Mass production is made at big factory for export, but you should know that there is a difference in taste, which is the most important, and, in this case, it is impossible to do revised production, which fits in with each individual's taste).

However, considering that each country has its own dietary life customs and foreigners having different taste may feel unfamiliarity with taste, I would like to let you know that we can produce for them separately through correction and adjustment of taste.

Let me introduce another thing, which is bean curd(dooboo), which is processed by a simple method with soybean as raw materials - This is the product, which is made by having crude liquid from boiled soybean solidified through a scientific method. It is a well-being product and the premium health food. It can be produced and supplied at local areas of overseas buyers by establishing production facilities. I am pleased to support all necessary supports. I have written this story in a hope for many inquries from our customers, who have read this. Especially, I would like to recommend the foods made with soybean to the countries which have mainly vegetarian dietary life culture including :

1. India.
2. South-east Asia.

Other agricultural products available for supply are ginseng and fruits. Currently, our company produces by trust farming where we provide farms with money in advance.

Korea traditional foods- Soybean paste. soy sauce, red pepper paste.
Soybean processed food- Bean curd (dooboo).
Agriculral Products - Gingseng, Kinds of fruits & vegetables.

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